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Это раздел, выбранный Вами для просмотра
This feature is sometimes referred to as a 'Browser Buddy'. 

At the top it tells you how many posts have been made since you last visited the board.. Also underneath this the number of posts with replies that have been made in topics that the individual has also posted in.
Click on the 'View' link on either of the two sentences to see the posts.

The next section is five links to useful features:

  • The link to the moderating team is basically a quick link to see all those that either administrate or moderate certain forums on the message board.

  • The link to 'Today's Active Topics' shows you all the topics that have been created in the last 24 hours on the board.

  • Today's Top 10 Posters link shows you exactly as the name suggests. It shows you the amount of posts by the members and also their total percentage of the total posts made that day.

  • The overall Top 10 Posters link shows you the top 10 posters for the whole time that the board has been installed.

  • My last 10 posts links to the latest topics that you have made on the board. These are shortened on the page, to save space, and are linked to if you require to read more of them.

The two search features allow you to search the whole board for certain words in a whole topic. It isn't as featured as the normal search option so it is not as comprehensive.

The Help Search is just as comprehensive as the normal help section's search function and allows for quick searching of all the help topics on the board.
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