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> Раздел помощи
Это раздел, выбранный Вами для просмотра
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> Email Notification of new messages
Это раздел, выбранный Вами для просмотра
This board can notify you when a new reply is added to a topic. Many users find this useful to keep up to date on topics without the need to view the board to check for new messages.

There are three ways to subscribe to a topic:

  • Click the 'Track This Topic' link at the top of the topic that you wish to track

  • On the posting screen when replying to or creating a topic, check the 'Enable email notification of replies?' checkbox

  • From the E-Mail settings section of your User CP (My Controls) check the 'Enable Email Notification by default?' option, this will automatically subscribe you to any topic that you make a reply to

Please note that to avoid multiple emails being sent to your email address, you will only get one e-mail for each topic you are subscribed to until the next time you visit the board.

You are also able to subscribe to each individual forum on the board, to be notified when a new topic is created in that particular forum. To enable this, click the 'Subscribe to this forum' link at the bottom of the forum that you wish to subscribe to.

To unsubscribe from any forums or topics that you are subscribed to - just go to the 'Subscriptions' section of 'My Controls' and you can do thi from there.
Цитата не в тему: //Обсуждение мода, улучшающего графику//
icoolman: ...особенно радует травка...
ker voin tmi: ...а трава, трава то какая...
Sandro: Трава - просто чудо...
Авар-Шак: Простите за оффтоп, но очень уж похоже на диалог о психоактивных веществах!... А вобще травка действительно ничего!
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